For a place where all shine brighter.

Message from the President

  • President & Representative Director 
    Shin-ichi Masuoka

  • The history of our company spans over 130 years from the founding of our corporate ancestor Masuoka Shoten in 1888 to our incorporation as Tekko Building Co., Ltd. in 1949.
    From the rapid recovery of Tokyo in postwar Japan to the current flourishing of the Marunouchi and Yaesu districts, we take great joy and pride in our deep roots in the community and our role in this achievement.
    Inherited from our predecessors, our philosophy is to stay a step ahead of the times. It inspires the thoughts and actions of everyone at Tekko Building Co., Ltd. This spirit drives us to build an even more comfortable and safer environment for all who work, visit and enjoy our TEKKO BUILDING property. In 2015, our passion to anticipate the demands and changes of a new era led to the rebirth of this landmark as a new large-scale mixed-use building.
    In this building which bears our company name, we have embodied our corporate mission of “Linking people, the city and the time in every era” by fusing future-ready space and functionality. Our management of this seamless synergy of state-of-the-art office space, serviced apartments, retail space offering a diversity of shops and restaurants, business support facilities, and even a limousine bus terminal reflects all the know-how and experience gained and refined in over 70 years of business since our incorporation.
    Tekko Building Co., Ltd. is the core of a group of 15 companies. Together we do much more than develop and manage office building properties. We are also engaged in hotel management and diverse overseas business projects. The scope of business extends to everywhere people are actively pursuing life and dreams. In these places, we create innovative environmental value to enhance their activities and interaction and to contribute to building a happier society. Our corporate slogan “For a place where all shine brighter” embodies our commitment to creating space and places that facilitate and augment the skills and joy of everyone. By bringing out our best for you, we hope to continue earning your support and encouragement in the future.